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Sanyo DMX-CA100 Video Camera

    Sanyo DMX-CA100 Video Camera

    New watertight Camcorder obtained the title “first of full of HD
    camera for the underwater survey”. The housing of device is completed in
    the classical design of pistol handle, and the parameters of camera make
    it possible to completely properly remove video of high resolution even at
    the depth to 3 meters.

    The model Of xacti DMX-CA100 must leave into sale the end of
    June, at the very height of the summer season of leaves. Cost is not thus
    far named, but let us note that the products of the rule Of xacti were
    almost always characterized by emphasized democratize of prices.

    To those, who was disposed to the purchase of all weather video
    camera, we advise a little to wait. Let us report for the priming that the
    novelty removes HD video in permission 1080p, makes 14 megapixel
    photographs, and it is also equipped with six fold optical and so six fold of
    "prodvinutym" zumom, that work with the large scope on entire range of
    the focal lengths of video camera.

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