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Aishwarya Rai awaiting a bright sunshine as dark clouds melt away

    Katrina Kaif may be ruling the roost but Aishwarya Rai is the one who is Bollywood’s established veteran with a cemented footing in the industry. Hence, the hype and hoopla surrounding her last Raavan was natural.

    However, since it was heavily bombarded by the general public and completely ripped off by the critics; the cast and crew of the film are not exactly in a mood to celebrate. And one of them includes the former Miss World Aishwarya Rai who is all grim and dismal.

    So much so that the most beautiful lady in the planet is not confronting the tabloid fearing wraths and disturbing grilling by the blood hound paparazzi. In fact, though, she was gleefully hopping from here to there promoting her film before the fateful D-Day arrived, now that the flick has released and sank, she is keeping low profile and hasn’t yet shown up before the media.

    Even her PR machinery has been asked to stay silent till the gloomy phase gets over and things freshen up with newer prospects ahead. Personally speaking, hits and misses are part and parcel of this rat race world. One flop Friday doesn’t erode the accolades and fame Aish has generated over the past one and a half decade.

    Nevertheless, for now, the emerald-eyed beauty is awaiting a bright sunshine after clouds of darkness and despair part away…….


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