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Audi 2050 Concept - City Racer of The Future

    Audi 2050 Concept - City Racer of The Future

    Imagined by Victor Uribe for the year 2050, the Audi 2050 Concept has been designed while keeping in mind a vehicle that is not only small enough to commute you easily through the crowded streets of tomorrow but also matches the essence of Audi.

    Developed in an effort to break the stereotype that small cars must be boring, the car is perfectly sized with features and functionality to give riders the feel of race cars. The concept will be powered by hydrogen and transmits pure sensations of a racing even at low speeds. Replacing conventional sliding doors with sliding roof is another unique feature of the vehicle.

    Despite that its shape is strongly inspired by the racing cars 30, like the auto union type C, and D, Audi 2050 Concept tries to capture the pure soul of those cars and turns it into a car that could be a classic in the distant future.

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