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Hand painting - Butterfly

    A hand painting of a butterfly.

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Vintage Angel Art

The Art of angel art

Body Painting - Chinese Cheong-sam

    A Chinese woman painted in a traditional Cheong-sam outfit.

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    aboriginal art
    aboriginal art

Body Painting - Picture Frame

    A semi-nude woman with her body painted in musical notes and she holding a 3D picture frame.

Amber Chia In Tiger Stripes

    Malaysian Supermodel Amber Chia earned her stripes for wildlife conservation Saturday by sitting still as her famous body was painted to look like a tiger.

    She told reporters after the photo shoot at Mutiara Damansara that it took three hours but she did not mind as it was for a good cause.

    The shoot was for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Asia Pacific.

    Amber is the latest in the line of celebrities featured in a new anti-captivity advertisement for PETA.

    Besides a jungle setting as the backdrop, she will also be photographed in a steel cage measuring 70cm x 70cm x 90cm.

    The photographs will appear on posters and newspapers across the globe early next year in a campaign against zoos.

    Next year, being the Year of the Tiger was among the reasons Amber was chosen to be a part of the campaign.

    "She was chosen because she has a compassion for animals," senior PETA campaigner Ashley Fruno said.

    Amber is the first Malaysian celebrity PETA had roped in to help their cause to urge people to boycott zoos.

    "Wild animals belong in the wild. An animal that lives a long and healthy life but dies in the wild is not worse off than animals which spend all their lives pacing in enclosures," Fruno said.

Body Painting - Hockey Player

    Photo of a woman painted as an ice hockey player.

Abhi Ash in New Lux ad

    Thegolden couple Aishwarya Rai Bachan and Abhishek Bachan are featured in new Lux soap ad. Music of the ad is composed by Shankar Ehsan Loy and directed by Stphen mead. They were apparently paid 25 crore rupees for this commercial ad

    Ash and Abhi talks about making the Lux ad

    Labels: Abhishek Bachan , Aishwarya Bachan , New Lux soap, golden couple , Aishwarya for lux, Video Lux ad

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