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Important Tips for The New Blogger

    Important Tips for The New Blogger

    Blogging has managed to allow just about anybody to have their own online voice. Everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, and gender uses blogs, be it for personal use or business. Blogging has made life more convenient in so many ways. It's a great way for businesses to get low-cost exposure and get the word out about new products. Blogging truly is a huge leap in the online world.

    A blog is nothing more than a personal journal where people can post thoughts, ideas, and opinions. If you have a blog, chances are you have thrown away your pencil and paper. Not only can you store large amounts of information on your blog, you can save notes, recipes, and personal letters there as well.

    Many people compare having a blog to having their own car in that you can pick the color and style, and you can even control the speed at which it moves! You can also think of a new blog as an unfurnished home. Adding widgets, articles, and modules make it more attractive and compel people to stay longer. Like a car, a blog can also take people to many different virtual addresses. Your blog is determined by your personality, much like your car and your home. In short, a blog can become a big part of your life.

    Lanching a new blog is not an easy task and it will require responsibility and committment. You'll find lots of information about things you should do with your blog. That's why I wanted to provide you with some tips for things you shouldn't do in blogging.

    1. You must not put offensive pictures or words on your blog. Freedom of speech is great, but it isn't absolute. It is governed by respect, and offending others is a sure fire way to fail in blogging.

    2. The contents of your blog are essential. It will determine whether people will continue to visit your blog or never come back after the first visit. Words that sound harsh or offensive should be left out of your blog. It's alright to have some heated debate on your blog, but causing a huge uproar isn't good.

    3. You must decide who your targeted audience will be. Don't write content that is off the subject or wouldn't interest them at all.

    If you are planning to use your blog for business, here are some helpful tips:

    1. Heed the three points listed above.

    2. Remember that the customer is your first priority. Do not offend your customer by using unpleasant words in your articles.

    3. Use words that are easily understood. Statistics show that the average American reads at an eighth grade level.

    4. Never presume that the customer knows all about your business. Write detailed articles that explain what your business is all about.

    Here are a few general blogging tips:

    1. Don't clutter your blog. Simple blogs with traditional colors are easiest on the eyes. The colors that you pick should be relative to the subject of your blog. It's a good idea to look at other blogs and websites that are in the same business as yours and study their layouts.

    2. Use a large and clear font. The two best fonts for blog articles are Arial and Times New Roman.

    3. Update your blog frequently. You don't have to post every day, but you should post at least twice a week.

    4. Don't let your design get stale. Every 6-8 months change your template or color scheme.

    5. Make sure you have an area for reader feedback. Set up a poll and get the opinion of your readers on important topics such as what kind of content they would like to see.

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