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Aishwary's Beauty Secrets with Elle TV

Absinthe Kubler Body Painting

Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 8 Wallpapers, Imahes, Pics

    Microsoft IE 8 Wallpapers | Download Free Wallpapers of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. I used this and it's very nice browser, i think now Firefox and Chrome may be out of market or they might loose their popularity. From few months (1 or 2) Firefox has some problems when we open more than 10 tabs, firefox hang and we need to restart browser, now IE 8 is best option in replace of it.

    Click & Download IE 8 Wallpapers

    Windows Internet Explorer 8

    Internet Explorer 8

Red Bull Body Painting

    Body painting on semi-nude women with Red Bull logo. Red Bull energy drink was recently banned in Germany due to traces of cocaine in their produce. Read Red Bull Cola Laced With Cocaine

Body Painting - Bridal Corset

    Body painting on a nude bride complete with painted corset. Lovely bride.

Salman Khan the new neighbour of Aishwarya Rai Bachan

    He never leaves anything that easily. Salman Khan’s new building stands next to Ash-Abhi’s under construction abode, Naivedya. Though Ash and Abhi denies report of moving out of the Bachchans house, the duo supervises the construction whenever they get time. The construction of Ash and Salman’s new house are going on full swing and the day is not far when Salman will be called Ash’s intimate neighbor. Salman Khan has not yet named his building and it is called as plot no 83A.

    His bungalow is on the left while Ash-Abhi’s white bungalow Naivedya stands at the right. Interestingly, Salman’s one is little taller than Ash-Abhi’s building. Reveal sources, “Abhi and Aish have been making late night visits to Naivedya to check the progress on their house. ” Salman is planning to move to his new bungalow once it is completed. Now he is staying at Galaxy Apartments on Bandra Bandstand with his parents.

Body Painting - Cyclist

Body Painting - Embodied

    Artist Kim Joon lives and works in Seoul, South Korea, and creates these unusual artworks with body forms.

    Starbucks, Adidas

    Dragon, monkeys

    bird land-chrysler

More Ash at Cannes

    These are some of the more pictures of Abhi and Ash at the Cannes make up session and some of the other events.

Aishwarya Rai at the Cannes Le Grand Journal

    Here is the bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai at the Cannes Le Grand Journal . She is awesome in blue gown and with smokey eyes .

Body Canvas - Army Camouflage

    Painting on a semi-nude body canvas with army camouflage.

Breast Painting - Spider Web

Ash and Akki's next Action Replay

    Ash and Akki's next Action Replay the production is by Vipul Shah and surely this movie is gonna be a biggest hit of the year . Here are the some of the pics of Ash and Akki during the shooting.

Body Painting - Flower - Roses

Body Painting - Horror Face

    Body painting of a horror face. Nice placement of the eyeballs.

Body Painting - Butterfly

    Body painting on a semi-naked woman of a butterfly.

Aishwarya attend the 'Spring Fever' Premiere at Cannes

    Abishesk Bachan and Aishwarya Bachan attend the 'Spring Fever' Premiere at Cannes. She is awesome in the Grey dress with fabulous make up and chick hair style. Check out her pics

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