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How to reduce waist size fast? Exercise Tips

    How to reduce waist size fast? Exercise Tips

    Most of the people desired to lose weight around the waist. Too large waist size increases the risk for getting heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, types 2 diabetes and high cholesterol (LDL). Fat stored around the waist can only be lost through proper diet and exercise. A calorie restricted diet with exercise is the popular method for waist slimming. However, this method deprives the body of energy needed to maintain muscle mass, which is essential for burning fat.

    Exercises will help to burn the fat directly, and over the course of time fat levels will decreased around the waist line as well as many other areas of the body. Actually, it is possible to lose fat from the waist and the general abdominal area without any exercise that directly from the abdominal muscles. Also, by maintaining the monthly plan, you can lose weight around waist. In this article, you can found some exercise tips and diet tips to reduce waist size rapidly.
    Exercises to Reduce Waist Size fast:

        * Hindu Squats:

    This exercise is great to reduce the waist size as it helps to burn off a ton of calories. It creates a massive oxygen deficit which elicits the body to burn off fat for the quick energy. You have to do just squat up and down as fast as possible without weights in your living room or wherever.

    Be sure to touch or swipe your finger tips onto the ground with each repetition to make sure you went low enough with the squat. In less than 5 minutes, do 100 repetitions. Once you can achieve this, increase your goal by adding another 100 repetitions and do it in 10 minutes. No weights or anything else is required for this; you have to just keep your back pretty straight when you do it.

        * Spinning around in a circle like a 4-year old child:

    Due to its quick weight loss results as well as the “fun factor”, this exercise is rapidly becoming popular.

    For this exercise, you have to do spin around clockwise with your arms out like airplane wings. To find out what makes you slightly dizzy, do 5 to 15 spins anywhere. This exercise is the key right that may become you slightly dizzy.

    This exercise works as it stimulates Endocrine System of the body to bring balance to your hormones (it controls your hormones). Nowadays, most people have big imbalances in their hormones because of unnatural man-made chemicals in the air, water, foods, and products which make it tough to maintain your weight.

    Spinning exercise solves this problem by bringing balance to your hormones and thereby unleashing your natural capacity to lose weight fast. It only takes 15 seconds to carry out.

        * Hula Hooping:

    A cheap $3 hula hoop will help to provide you a belly dancer’s type of body. Hula hooping offers you a nice toned and feminine waist. To do this, you have to twist it around your waist for 10 minutes a day. You can also do it during 2 minute tv commercials or for a minute or 2 here and there when you are busy. It requires only 10 minutes a day.

        * Walking up an incline:

    This exercise also produces a massive oxygen deficit which forces the body to burn belly fat for energy. Take a treadmill and incline it to 10-15 degrees and walk for 15 minutes. It is like night and day inclining a treadmill and walking or jogging on a flat treadmill. Also, you can walk up hills.

    Control food portion to lose weight and reduce waist size:

    People are consuming more food now than ever in industrializes countries. To lose excess weight, food portion control is certainly the most effective strategy. Several studies have clearly suggested that consuming appropriate portion amounts of food can help to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

    In order to lose one pound of fat, you have to burn off about 3500 extra calories. If you can cut 500 calories from your daily diet, you can lose about one pound per week.

    Eat healthy portion of food about the size of the palm of your hand. Rather than taking three larger meals, try to eat five to six mini meals. Place your food on small plate because a bigger plate generally means more food and more calories!

    Good fat and bad fat:

    Researchers have exposed that fats are of twp types: good fats and bad fats. Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids) are important fats for human development and health. They cannot be synthesized in the body and so must be obtained through diet.

    In addition, Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) promote weight loss by helping to satisfy hunger. Bad fats (saturated fats and trans fat) are dangerous for health. They increase bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body and should be avoided as much as possible. Weight gain, heart disease and certain types of cancer are the risk of area due to bad fats deposition. So, replace bad fats with good fats in your diet in order to lose weight and reduce waist size fast.

    More water:

    Water is a natural appetite suppressant. Unluckily, most people don’t drink enough water. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. For rapidly weight loss, drink two glasses of water with a piece of fibrous fruit 20 minutes before every meal. Once you start eating, you will feel full. Additionally, water is calorieless.

    Low-carbohydrate diets:

    To convert the carbohydrates, fats and proteins to energy (ATP), human body uses oxygen. Simple carbohydrates like table sugar, candies, cakes, pasta, bread made with white flour, soda, etc. are more easily converted into glucose than protein or fat. So, low-carb diets are used to lose weight in order to force the body to use fat as its main energy source.

    Complex carbs are also called ‘good carbs’. It includes brown rice, whole wheat bread and oatmeal, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, lentils, carrots and apples which are broken down into glucose more slowly than simple carbohydrates. Additionally, complex carbohydrates contain fiber which can keep away hunger by keeping satisfied. People who are on low-carb diets consume less simple carbs and more fish, meat, vegetables, cheese, eggs and nuts.

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