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IPhone Wallpapers | Iphone Nature Mobile Wallpapers

    Download Free Wallpapers for Iphone. Free Nature Iphone Desktop Wallpapers. Nature Iphone Mobile screen Wallpapers. Click to Download Iphone Mobile Wallpapers.

    free iphone wallpapers

    nature mobile wallpapers for iphone

    Nature mobile wallpapers for iphone

    iphone mobile wallpapers

Amazing Wooden Tree House Wallpapers

    Amazing Wooden Tree

    Wooden Tree House

    Tree House Wallpapers

    Amazing Wooden Tree House

    Wooden Tree House Wallpapers

Netbook Laptop Wallpapers | 10 inch Student Netbook Laptops

    Student netbook wallpapers. Download Free Wallpapers of Netbook, Specially designed for student. Light weight student Netbook (Notbook). Mini 10 inch netbook notebook laptop models which are very light weight and attractive design. Click to see 10 inch student netbook wallpapers.
    Student Netbook

    Student Netbook Wallpapers

    Netbook Laptops Wallpapers

    Netbook Wallpapers

Body Painting - Abdomen

    Body painting on a woman abdomen.

    Abdomen painting

Amazing Glass Art | Amazing Glass Photo

Body Painting - Lingerie

    Body painting on naked girls with lingerie as the theme.

Body Painting - Pattern 1

    Body painting on a woman with beautiful patterns.

zodiac libra body art

    zodiac libra  body art
    zodiac libra body art

zodiac gemini body art

body art

Amazing Tree Wallpaper, Download Nature Wallpapers

    Amazing Nature Created by Tree. Tree has created amazing Beautiful face of girl. Click for Amazing Tree Wallpaper.

    Amazing Tree wallpaper, Nature Wallpapers

Sony Vaio | Sony Vaio Laptop | Sony Vaio Wallpaper

fantasy art

Sony Vaio X Series, VAIO X ultraportable: Intel Atom, 1.5 lbs

    Lighter than air - Weighing just 655g, the Vaio X Series is the world's lightest notebook, according to Sony.

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    Sony Vaio X Series
    No wider than 14mm at any point, this size zero, carbon fibre laptop has an 11.1-inch widescreen, eight-hour battery life and multi-touch trackpad. It goes on sale in the UK on October 22.

    Sony just announced the VAIO X at IFA 2009 in Berlin, Germany, a half-inch thin, 11.1-inch ultraportable notebook with an all-day battery that “will set the new standard for stamina,” reports Engadget.

    The system is reportedly built of carbon fiber, weighing only 1.5 lbs.

    The VAIO X has an Atom processor, which probably aids the battery life considerably. Also begs the question: netbook or notebook? (Does Atom define “netbook”? Screen size? If it runs Windows 7 well, does anyone care?)

    UPDATE: It will have built-in 3G support, CNET’s Erica Ogg writes live from Berlin. Yep, netbook.

    Price? If the Sony P-Series Lifestyle notebook is any indication, this baby will easily run four digits.

    (But hey, at least it will come with Google’s Chrome browser preinstalled.)

    Still, with such form factor innovation, Sony’s showing that it’s got a lot of mojo — the kind normally attributed to a company based in Cupertino, Calif.

    It also shows the company believes in netbooks — having also introduced the $499 10.1-inch W Series just two months ago.

    VAIO X ultraportable: Intel Atom, 1.5 lbs

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body painting

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