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Body painting - Camouflage - Bricks, Series #2

Body Painting - Heineken Beer- Series #2

Body Painting - Black Pattern

    Body painting photo of a nude woman.

Body painting - Flower - Series #4

Body Painting - Bra

    Great photo of body painting of a blue bra.

Body Painting - Baby

    Photo of body painting of a nude woman with baby theme.

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Body Painting - White Pattern

    Photo of a half-naked women painted white with attractive patterns including maroon and gray stripes.

Body Painting - Face

    Body painting of a face on a naked chest. The eyes (and its big) and lip are nicely positioned.

Body Painting - Heineken Beer

    Body in green. Body painting of ads, or in this case, logo of Heineken Beer on a couple.

Body Painting - Paratroopers Parachutes

    Body painting of paratroopers parachuting in the air.

Body painting - water vase

    Body painting of water vase (pot) pouring out water.

Butt painting - Eyes

    This is the first of its kind, butt cheek painting with eyes motif.

Hand painting - Zebra

    Hand painting depicting a Zebra.

    Image source:

Hand painting - Alligator

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Body painting - Flower - Series #3

Hand painting - Geese

Body Canvas - Series #3

    Painting on body canvas. Collection from World Bodypainting Festival.

Body painting - Chinese Dragon

    Body painting of a Chinese dragon on a nude woman and it illuminate too.

    Artist: faithfulartist

Body Painting - Camouflage - Window frame

Body painting - Colored Stripes

    Colorful body painting of two semi-nude women with colored stripes.

Body painting - Mona Lisa

    Body painting of Mona Lisa on a nude woman.

    Artist: faithfulartist

Body painting - Tiger head

Body painting - Insect - Butterfly

    Body painting of a pink butterfly covering a young woman breasts.

Body painting - Animal - Tiger

    Body painting of a tiger head on a female front.

Body painting - Sports - Snooker and Golf

    Body painting on two female sporting picture of snooker (or pool) game and golf game.

    I sure want to pick up the two games.

Body Painting - Cow

    Full photo body painting of a cow.

Body painting - Clothing

    Collection of body painting with Clothing motif.

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