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Body Painting - Faces

    Body painting on nude female models depicting faces. The model on the left is up-side down. Clever representation of breast and nipple as the nose.

Samuel FB Morse Telegraph Wallpapers Images

    Samuel Morse

    samuel fb morse

    samuel morse telegraph

    Samuel Morse

Body painting - Cyclists

    Semi-nude female cyclists with body painting of pink Cyclist jersey. The men sure have something to race to.

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Body Painting - Portrait of Marilyn Monroe

Breast Painting - Dog

    A new category of painting introduced for this blog, i.e. Breast Painting. Below is a breast painting illustration of a dog. Lucky dog.

Body Painting - Gold Dust

    First photo in this blog collection for gold dust. Watch out for more photos in the near future. I'm make a new Gold Dust series.

Butt painting - Strawberry

    Butt cheek painting of Strawberry. The artist seems to over do it by painting the thigh as well. It will look better if there are two Strawberries, one for each butt cheek.

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Ash or Priyanka who looks better in this Black beautifull dress

    Ash or Priyanka who looks better in this deep necked black awesome dress please do comment.

Aishwarya Rai at her best with her best songs and dance

    Here is the Video of Aishwarya Rai with her best songs and dance .. awesome video

Earth Day 2009, Earth Day April, Earth Day Art, Happy Earth Day

    Earth Day Wallpapers, Images Photos and Pictures

    earth day

    earth day activities

    earth day for kids

    when is earth day

    earth day crafts

    22nd April is Earth Day. We Need to know about Earth Day History and Should Enjoy it With Playing Earth Day Games and Explain Earth Day Lessons to Kids.

    What is Earth Day: Planning and efforts to save Earth, We Live on Earth so it's our duty, responsibilities to save Earth. For this, 22nd April Celebrated as Earth Day. Share Earth Days Ideas with all and take Earth Day as a Project.

Butt painting - Drums

Aishwarya Rai Bachan's Rare Wallpapers

Abhi-Ash celebrates their second aniversery in Europe

    The ill-health of director Mani Ratnam has changed the plan of Ash-Abhi to skip celebration and shoot for ‘Raavan’ during their second marriage anniversary.

    Mani who was advised to take rest by doctors may take a short break from his work and may not work on the day of their anniversary.

    Ash-Abhi who failed to celebrate anniversary last year may head for Europe or the US on April 20.Ratnam was admitted to Chennai’s Apollo Hospital due to breathing difficulty and chest pain.

    Mani’s health has put a question mark whether they will shoot or not. Moreover Ash and Abhi who is very concerned about this health does no want him to take much strain.

    Earlier when Mani approached them to shoot some crucial scene as he does not want to delay the project anymore, the duo agreed.For the last few months the Bachchan duo was going through very hectic schedules and hardly got time to spend with each other.

World Body Painting Festival - Korea 2008 - Part 2

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