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Ash’s vision for India….

    Shaina NC, a fashion designer, social activist and politician recently had a nice big chat with the very gorgeous Aishwarya Rai. Together, they covered several burning topics, which included Ash’s vision for the country, beauty pageants, various scams happening in the country and unity within the film industry.

    Speaking about the promises made by beauty queens which are hardly or never stuck to once they join the film industry
    Ash says, “I have not promised anything like that. After I was crowned Miss World, I engaged in charity work and collected money for various hospitals and kids who needed health care.”

    On corruption, speaks Ash, “It feels good that the media is aggressive in exposing corruption. However, it is sad that the scams are happening in our country.”

    Regarding politics, says the beauty queen, “I am not considering entering into politics. It is every Indian’s duty to do something for the nation and it can be done via apolitical route too.”

    About Bachchan’s criticism, Ash said, “Silence is golden sometimes. We don’t need to react to everything that is being said in the media. However, if it becomes absolutely necessary, then we will react and people will listen to us at that time.”

    What she feels about India’s position in the world, Ash said, “Our country is raging ahead of all.”

    Her expectation from Indians
    “I believe that everyone should dispense their duties at a personal level. Little contributions from everyone can make a big difference.”


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