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You can now chat with Aishwarya Rai…

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is all set to to re-launch her official website after almost four years. We guess she has finally realized the importance of being connected to her fans.

    Unlike most celebrities, Ash has always stayed away from networking sites. The Bachchan bahu says, “My former ( Hollywood) manager had created a website (aishwaryaworldforever) for me way back, much before these sites became popular. It had many great tools, and my favourite was one where you could just chat. It was great. I thoroughly enjoyed that… But the year I got married, I actually shut it.”

    Ash adds, “I wanted to change many things on the website because initially I was too lazy/busy and I didn’t sit on the design. It’s three-and-a-half-years now that I have put it off. I put it on the backburner while adjusting to the changes — career, marriage, etc. Now, I have started work on it and will re-launch it soon.”

    News has it that when Ash’s site was shut down, it used to garner nearly three million hits per day, a record by any Indian actor.

    Till her site is not functional, she will use her husband and pa-in-law’s profile to clear the air about any rumours and controversies. “I can always go on there and say what I have to.” What about the trend of actors hiring managers to blog/tweet on their behalf, will she resort to that when busy? “You hear about a lot of colleagues having actually employed people to tweet. Is it honest anymore? You think people can’t see it? If they don’t, great for them but I can’t be doing that,” she concludes.


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