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“Spending time with Abhi is quite a holiday for me”: Aishwarya Rai

    Aishwarya Rai says life has been extremely fast-paced since the day she chose to study science in high school. Now the internationally renowned actor is waiting to take a much-needed break before entering another year full of film projects.

    “I keep joking that the pace of my life has been so hectic ever since high school. From Class 12, when I was a science student, till date it has only been a hectic pace and that’s the only pace perhaps my body knows now.” says Ash.

    This year has been particularly hectic for the 36-year-old actor thanks to the release of her films – Raavan, Robot, Action Replayy and Guzaarish in quick succession.

    There has been so much jet-setting in and out of the country and travelling within India for the promotion of her films that Aishwarya fell slightly ill. But she is not complaining.

    “Come on! I’m okay now. If you think work pressure has affected me, how would you explain Hrithik (Roshan) getting unwell after doing just two films in two years? I just got a day’s fever and I’m all raring to go,” she said.

    Aishwarya is now looking forward to some relaxing time.

    “It’s almost the end of November and very little of December is left. I had deliberately kept a little part of December off because, since 2008 I have been working continuously”

    Ash is still in talks with film-makers on her future projects and will be able to announce further developments around February next year.

    “There have been talks. Producers are working out the scheduling, and then the announcements will be made. I was going to sign two films to do this winter, but I declined them because I had prior commitments. The next lot of offers will materialise post-February and March, and will continue beyond next Christmas,” claims Ash.

    So she wants to make the most of her holiday period with husband Abhishek Bachchan and all her family members.

    “Spending time together is quite a holiday for me. It doesn’t matter where we are,” she says.

    For now, Aishwarya is just waiting to get the audience reaction to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s just released Guzaarish, in which she plays Sofia, a nurse to a paraplegic essayed by Hrithik.

    “It is my final release of this year…and what a special film to share with our audience! My character Sofia is very special. The kind of capacity, strength, resilience, commitment, empathy and unconditional love that she has for a patient just takes this character to a different realm altogether,” ends Ash.


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