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Hanwha 7-inch Ultra-portable Monitor

    The Hanwha HM-TLB7 is an amazing 7-inch secondary screen that will certainly become every photographer’s best friend. The screen comes with a sun-shade, allowing you to use it outdoor without being bothered by the sun. You can also use this ultra-portable monitor in the car to watch movies on-the-go, or even to play to the Sony Playstation 3 via an HDMI port. The Hanwha HM-TLB7 offers a resolution of 800 x 480, a contrast ratio of 500:1, a response time of 30ms, and a brightness level of 450 cd/m2. If you’re interested, you can buy the Hanwha HM-TLB7 for 39,980 Yen or around $480.

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