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All Electric Mercedes-Benz EL500 Luxury Sedan

    As the electric and fuel efficient cars are replacing their gas guzzling counterparts at an increasing pace, US designer, Nikita Kalinin, envisions an all electric Mercedes-Benz EL500 Luxury Sedan for the future. The emission free Mercedes sedan features a long wheelbase with coupe proportions and its overall size gives a spectacular presence on the road.

    The EL500 electric Luxury Sedan concept is equipped with all electric drive twin battery system. It has Li-Ion permanent battery upfront and quick swap cartridge battery at the rear end that power 2 silent high torque motors mated to the corresponding compact CVT transaxles. It’ll come compatible with smart gird and will give 300miles combined battery charge.

    Apart from being emission free, EL500 Luxury Sedan blends eco friendliness with luxury. All its aspects are maximized for comfort and relaxation. Its rear single seat zone provides the all the amenities similar to flying in first class. The amenities include bar, internet bed, seat climate and privacy control etc. Also, special attention has been paid to reduce the chassis, suspension and drivetrain noise.

    The other prominent features of the vehicle include, large front grill with horizontal slits, rear overhang longer than the front, solid wide stance and dual headlights lenses is the embodiment of Mercedes trait. The rear end design, however is influenced by the interior package as there is only the single seat at the rear so it needs window access, as a result they are pulled closer in, thus creating very strong shoulders in the back.

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