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Vietnam's Stunning New Skyscraper

    A ground-breaking ceremony has been held for Foster + Partners' first project in Vietnam. The VietinBank Business Centre sends a strong message to the rest of the world: Vietnam is an up-and-coming nation.

    Located strategically between central Hanoi and the airport, the project consists of two angular towers that will serve as a gateway to the city. The 300,000-square-metre mixed-use development includes two towers. The taller tower, at 68-stories, will provide an energy-efficient new headquarters for VietinBank. The second, 48-story tower will house a five-star hotel, spa, and serviced apartments. Connecting the two towers is a seven-story podium building which contains conference facilities, luxury shops, cafes, restaurants, and roof top gardens.

    The scheme has a progressive environmental agenda and is designed to mitigate the effects of the area's high levels of humidity. The system draws in humidity, separating the water from the atmosphere and exhaling hot, dry air, which can then be cooled by ground water and released back into the buildings. In addition, a serrated facade, made up of projecting fins, provides both shade and a unit of measurement for cellular offices around the perimeter of the floor plate.

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