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Beautiful Pictures of Iranian Embassy in UK

    There all sorts of amazing buildings all over the world, but one of the most interesting would be this one. Interesting thing about this building is that upper part is not attached to the bottom part of the building so it looks like the upper part is floating above the smaller building. In some cases it even looks like they are two completely separate buildings.As you can see from the pictures, this building has irregular windows and a sharp, clean lines. Besides that, this six-story building is built from marble and stone, and it is located in London, and from what we find out, the smaller building is actually an art gallery and a cultural center, but what about the bigger building that goes over it? Is it a mall or something similar? You won’t believe it, but the taller building is actually an Iranian Embassy in UK. Anyway, the building is absolutely beautiful and it looks really amazing when the night falls and the lights turn on. Too bad those other embassies don’t like this one. Anyway, feel free to enjoy in these beautiful pictures bellow.

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