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BMW Chariot Roadster is the real road warrior

    BMW has great fan flowing, undoubtedly. The brand has inspired many designers to represent BMW in their own way. And on many occasions, we have come across some mindboggling concepts that remain in our memory forever. Here is a concept that you can’t help but admire. Christened as the BMW Chariot Roadster, the concept’s roots are in the past but the vehicle is futuristic. The info about the concept is scant and all we can tell you is it’s the brainchild of Mate Bartha who is inspired by the ancient chariot and helmets of ancient Greek warriors and made the concept accordingly.

    All sleek and fierce roadster is visually divided and its front end represents the powerful horses, whereas the relatively small back with big wheels represents the chariot itself. Also, the joint like solution in the middle is inspired by body armors of the warriors and front light opening follow the eye cut in warriors’ helmets. All these things together make this vehicle the read road warrior.

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