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Importance Of Textiles In The Indian Business Directory

    Importance Of Textiles In The Indian Business Directory

    Traditional textiles in India comprise the oldest textiles which have been available since time immemorial. People who belonged to the Indus valley civilization made use of some of the textiles which can be seen in the Indian markets today. Traces of cotton which can only be found in Gujarat have been unearthed in some of the ancient tombs in Egypt. Some of the ancient Indian writings also contain details about Indian textiles.

    Textiles also comprise a major part of the Indian exports and imports in other countries. Indian exports and imports during the times of the Vijayanagar Empire comprised a large amount of Indian textiles. The importance of textiles will be defined in the right manner when a person takes a look into the entire Indian business directory which will state all the major revenue generating areas of business for the country. The basic geographic location of India, its climatic conditions, its customs, traditions as well as the raw materials which are available have been conducive towards the production of textiles which form an important part of the export directory in India.

    Indian textiles have become very famous in markets all over the world and this is how they have occupied such a prominent position in the export directory in India as well as the overall Indian business directory. The main reason for the popularity of these Indian textiles is that they can be procured in many different varieties and ranges and they have also been made available at the most reasonable prices. The textiles which are manufactured in India are not only a reflection on the customs and traditions of the past but also a reflection of the upcoming trends in the world of textiles and fashion. This is the main reason as to why Indian textiles have become so famous in countries all over the world.

    Textiles have also proved to be very useful for many other purposes apart from making dresses and other kinds of garments. They can also be used in making purses, bags and all other kinds of fashion accessories which are also becoming extremely popular in many different parts of the world. There are many different kinds of fabrics which comprise the overall range of textiles which can be found in India. Some of these fabrics are knit while some others are embroidered before they have been used for the purpose of dress making as well as the creation of other fashion accessories. These fabrics can also be used in the furniture industry where cushion covers can be designed using these different fabrics and materials. There are many other works of art which can be created using these fabrics. A lot of new techniques have been introduced in the world of textiles and these include crochet, patchwork, spinning, weaving, tapestry and batik printing which are also becoming extremely famous all over the world.

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