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Honda RS125 is officially world’s fastest in 125 category

    Honda RS125-powered streamliner with 41bhp has just achieved a mile stone of being fastest in its category. Yes, the feat was achieved by Scott Kolb who rode the bike to get a two-way average speed of 146.77mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats, thus breaking a 27 year old record of 136.1mph. For this purpose, Scoot custom framed the racer and equipped it with radically altered geometry and a 98-inch wheelbase that allows the rider and engine to fit between the tiny wheels.

    The custom built bike has the center of gravity barely higher than the axles, which is helped by hub-center steered front end. Other alteration to prepare for the attempt include reducing the Martin Eurosports-built 1996 Honda RS125’s power from 41bhp to 36bhp, stretching it 40inches, fitting it with a radically streamlined fairing and water-to-water chillers replaced the un-aerodynamic radiator, which allowed the frontal area to be reduced by one square foot.

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