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Aishwarya snubs the media…

    “All that glitters, is not gold”, well this proverb is apt for all film stars. While on their film promotional interviews, movie stars need to answer multiple questions, most of which are ridiculous and out of the context.

    Recently, the gorgeous Aishwarys Rai was on a promotional spree for her upcoming flick, ‘Robot’. While she has been quite polite and cool about a few questions concerned with working with Salman Khan and the success of ‘Dabanng’, she did tackle a few ridiculous queries too.

    What are you going to give Mr Bachchan on his birthday on October 11?

    We are here for the promotion of ‘Robot’. Can we talk about Robot now and other questions later?

    But you will not be available later?

    You guys will catch me anywhere. I have one more film ‘Guzarish’ coming up after this.

    Looks like Aishwarya does not wish to entertain anybody poking their nose into her personal affairs. Usually she is politically correct but this time, she surely lost her cool.


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