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Sony Ericsson Yendo Music Phone – Walkman Series

    Sony Ericsson has introduced a new phone Yendo from it’s walkman series with widely diverse range of colors and music capabilities. It has good sound quality, 3.5 mm output for headphones and FM-radio. As befits a Walkman, a Yendo have branded features: TrackID for music recognition, SensMe to create playlists of music, appropriate to the current mood of the owner, Shake control to control your phone shakes.

    The second feature of the model – 10 color options for the rear panel. This diversity was, it seems, only the player iPod nano. It is the first walkman with a touchscreen and a new interface and plain display of 2.6 inch, 240 × 320 pixels, 256 thousand tones. GPS and 3G is not included and have a simple little camera of 2 MP, built-in memory of 5 MB (microSD slot is there.) New products arrive on shelves in the 3 rd quarter of this year. The cost has not been revealed.

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