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How to do a Side Bridge Exercise?

    How to do a Side Bridge Exercise?

    Exercise is the physical action of the body and makes the body to do physical activity which leads to a healthier fitness to the body both physically and mentally. In simple words it gifts the body with good health. People may do exercise for various reasons such as build up the muscles, optimizing the cardiovascular system, developing athletic skills, maintain body weight, and also for fun.

    Intensities of exercises are light exercise where the exerciser can talk while he is doing the exercise. Going for a long walk is an appropriate example. Balanced exercise is which the exerciser should hold the breath slightly and best example is cycling, climbing up the hill etc. Effective exercise is when the exerciser will be out of breath during this activity. The exerciser will feel his/her body is being pushed to its limit. Cycling fast, running fast, taking heavy weights are some of the examples.

    The exercise yoga includes the combination of stretching, build up muscles, balance, etc. Stretching is an exercise in yoga, say experts. Yoga originated in India a long time ago, and is aimed to associate the mind, body and spirit. The people in western countries practice a modern yoga with a combination of meditation, posture, and breathing exercises. Yoga is made comfort to full fill the needs of individuals, for arthritis, asthma, body pain, etc.

    We know how beneficial exercise is for our health. But it is a fact only few of them know about the dangers of being unfit. In Western Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, and much of the rest of the world, the number of overweight people is growing critically fast. Here I can give you some details about how to do a side bridge exercise.

    The side bridge is a great exercise to increase core strength. It is very easy for you to practice it in your home. You are not in a need to get any special equipment for doing this exercise. A thick book is enough or a mat will do for practicing this exercise. You are not in a need to spend your precious time to do this only 10 min is enough. Just place a book or mat on the ground, and rest your elbow on it. Your elbow should be directly below your shoulder, and then raise your hips up and confirm your body is straight. Hold this position between 30 sec to a minute. Also repeat it on the other side. It is a great sport-specific exercise.

    Try increasing the time gradually and you will feel the benefits out of it. Important point to remember while doing this, always maintain the body in a horizontal position. You can add a twist to this exercise. With the free hand, swing it from above the head to under the body, reaching as far back as you can. Repeat this continuously 8-12 times in a day. Hope this exercise will help you lot in maintaining your body fit.

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