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Janjira Fort - Unconquerable Fortress of India

    Janjira Fort - Unconquerable Fortress of India

    Janjira Fort also known as Murud Janjira situated at the coastal village of Murud, in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. The fort was originally built by Rama Koli, under the protection of the Nizam Shahi Sultan, in late 15th century. The walls were made from huge logs.

    In 1617 the command of the fort was given to Siddi Amar by Malik Ambar, the great Nizam shah's statesman. From then onwards the Siddis held the fort continuously for over three hundred years. And it is to their credit that Janjira was never captured by any power, even the great Maratha warrior Shivaji failed.

    Janjira was a very strong fort with high rampart and 22 bastions. The main gate faces east and is protected by two huge bastions with a gallery on top. An interesting feature of this gate Mabadarwaja – is a sculpture on the walls. It shows a tiger clasping four elephants in its claws and one each in its jaws and tail. There are four huge cannons in the gallery above the main gate.

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