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Aishwarya Rai issues legal notice to ‘Heroine’ makers!

    Just a few days back, we had reported that Aishwarya Rai had returned the cheque she had taken as a signing amount for Heroine. Now the latest we hear is that the actress has sent a legal notice to UTV and Madhur Bhandarkar, warning the producers against leaking her photo-shoot to promote Heroine.

    The actress has sent a letter through her lawyers that she will seek damages if the pictures that she has shot for the film earlier, gets leaked out.

    “Ash is fed up of the whole thing. She’s been ethical and professional about the matter. But, considering the way things ended on a sour note with Bhandarkar, she does not want him to use any of the stills or scenes that she had already shot at any point in the future,” the source is quoted as saying by a daily.

    Added the source, “Ash has already returned her acting fees, so there’s nothing that makes her liable to her director or producer. She is still upset with the way Madhur wrote a huge blog against her which basically called her a liar. She always wanted to come back and complete the movie, but the way things turned out, has left a bad taste in her mouth.”

    However, a source from the production house says, “Madhur was not planning to use those stills, but we guess Ash didn’t trust us. The photo-shoots that we have done with her for the promotions are really great pictures. We are sorry that these pictures won’t be revealed ever to the world. Aishwarya is looking just awesome in the pictures. We are putting it in our safety vaults where it won’t come out ever.”