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What Went Wrong for Aishwarya?

    Well, nothing went right for her in 2010, as far as Bollywood was concerned (barring the mega success of Endhiran- The Robot, which of course was in Tamil).

    Four big films-

    * Raavan
    * Robot
    * Action Replayy
    * Guzaarish

    Unfortunately, the above four films (barring Robot) bombed at the BO despite being pitched as the best crowd pullers of the year prior to the release. Robot managed to pick crowds (not for long though) through word of mouth, but the rest of the movies did not even have decent openings.

    * Despite all the hardships of shooting in a forest, with no proper food for four days and various other troubles, Raavan fared miserably at the BO.
    * The same was the fate of Action Replayy, which when compared to recent Akshay Kumar’s films had a minimal opening and lost the race to Golmaal 3.
    * Guzaarish incurred a loss of 40 crore rupees leaving the producers almost bankrupt.

    Only respite for her was Endhiran, which becme the highest grossing film ever in Indian Cinema. But it was the director, Shankar and its main lead, Rajnikanth who walked away with all the accolades.

    Also rumours about her being pregnant, would not bring any joy to the film makers.

    Despite all this, Aishwarya is still a renowned figure in the West and her association with the Cannes Jury and other international endeavours like Longiness and L’oreal just prove that even at the age of 36, her achievements are yet to be reached by any other Indian actress.

    After all, being an international figure, playing lead roles in huge projects, managing her family life and being the Bacchan Bahu have surely taken a toll of her. It would be going way too ahead, if we are writing her off. This blue-eyed damsel is still the best beauty and brains that Bollywood has ever produced.


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