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Ash is pregnant!!! Rumours doin the rounds again…

    Rumours related to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have again started making the rounds. The rumours, this time, are related to her pregnancy not in India but in Dubai.

    Ash was recently set to fly to Dubai to do some important interviews but her visit was canceled on account of ill health, which sparked the rumour that Ash is finally in the family way.

    “Unless it is a case of dodgy Indian curries that is slowly but surely emanating, the rumour mills are grinding to grist the possibility of a classic Ash diva tantrum because she is pregnant,” a local newspaper in Dubai is reported to have printed.

    Sources had informed the newspaper that Ash was not well and hence had cancelled the said interviews. This is not the first time that the buzz about her pregnancy has reached us.

    Ash and Abhishek should have had a few babies by now, had we believed in all these gossips.


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