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World awaits youngest Bachchan; Aishwarya given full security

    The Mumbai hospital where Aishwarya Rai is expected to deliver bears a scene right out of a post-Zombie outbreak movie -- quiet at one end and filled with various security personnel at select locations.

    The SevenHills Hospital in Andheri appears like a quarantined zone sealed shut to avoid a major outbreak. Such is the intense cover given to shield the Bachchans from the vying eyes of the media.

    The arrival of the junior-most Bachchan has got the hospital staff on full alert. More than 100 security personnel have been positioned in strategic places.

    Media personnel are seen camping outside. Photographers, journos and anchors are all gathered, but only patients and staff are allowed inside.

    When Aishwarya is brought in, she is expected to be escorted safely to the VIP suite at the hospital's third floor. The hospital is taking no chance with this delivery. Everyone is awaiting the youngest Bachchan.


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