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Aishwarya Pops Pills, Fights Fever, Grooves At Singapore Awards!

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and topline professionalism are inextricably entwined. ARB scores steadily on this factor and it's time to notch some more brownie points for her.

    Reportedly, ARB had a relapse of viral fever when she sashayed into Singapore for a top drawer awards event. Apparently, she'd arrived with hubby Abhishek in tow, when the unfortunate bit struck her.

    ARB, however, wasn't going to let viruses get the better of her commitment and dedication. Word has it that the actress popped a few antibiotics and showed up pronto at the ballroom of the swanky hotel where she was put up for a practice session of the dance number she was required to perform at the awards nite!

    Those present at the awards ceremony have come away a lot more impressed with ARB's ways.

    Just Rai...ght, Ash she'd have liked it…


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