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Why You Gain Weight Despite Efforts to Lose It

    Why You Gain Weight Despite Efforts to Lose It

    Any exercise routine, when done properly, will surely yield good results. It may take a while before you see the effects, and with the proper nutrition plan, losing weight will be a breeze. However, if you prefer to eat lots of food without counting the amount of calories, then, shedding off your excess poundage will really be very hard for you.

    There are many causes of weight gain that are attributable other than to diet. One is the fitness program you follow, the calories you put in your body, and lastly, a health condition.

    Walking briskly is a good way to lose your excess poundage. If you walk at least thirty minutes daily (5 days a week), you’ll see results in less than a month. You would have lost a couple enough pounds to say that the exercise is effective. On the other hand, if you walk leisurely instead of briskly, your half-hour walk a day would not suffice. You would need to spend longer hours walking in order to see some results.

    You also have to take into account that an effective exercise should go together with a naturally healthy diet program unique to your requirements. If you are new at this exercise routine, a typical slip-up is usually to exercise and not check out your caloric intake. Thus, you actually eat more unhealthy calories compared with what you really require and struggle with extra weight gained simply by consuming such quantity of food. There truly is nothing wrong about this. However, bear in mind that as you increase the quantity of food you eat, you should also boost the intensity and strength of your workouts.

    Fitness professionals often advise small, but frequent feeding if you don’t want to gain weight during and after your workout sessions. And, even if you follow this advice, you still need to strictly check your calorie intake every time you eat. Of course, it is just natural to feel hungry after a good workout. That’s where moderation and self-discipline will come in. Eat more protein food to make you feel full, and less on carbohydrates and fats.

    Health issues also contribute either to your weight loss or weight gain. When your thyroid glands are overly active, your metabolism is also fast - and the result is weight loss despite efforts to gain weight. For under-active thyroids, you gain weight fast despite efforts to lose weight. Hormones are also thought of as culprits for weight gain. Thus, despite efforts to remove excess poundage, the results are still futile.

    Understanding the real cause of your weight loss or weight gain problem will definitely help you choose the perfect exercise program to follow. But, first, consult with your doctor to rule out any medical-related problems prior to starting your fitness program. You would not want to make matters worse for your health condition, right?

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